The Niche Builder's Advantage

We’ve been collecting data, supporting  and helping grow local businesses for years, and we know a lot about them. Lead Generation, Blogging,  Listings, Reviews, Social Media, Reputation Management, PPC and SEO—you name it. Beyond allowing our clients to leverage our valuable tools and platform with these rich features, we can:

* Leverage data to create personalized reports to fuel your marketing, create automation, simplify systems and drive down your cost of customer acquisition
* Provide you with unbeatable support, marketing and training
* Promise that we’ll always be on the leading edge of digital marketing

Aaron Bouren (CEO)

Focused, tenacious, energetic. Aaron Bouren, co-founder and CEO of Niche Builders Digital Marketing, is the driving force of the company and the visionary in all things marketing related. Responsible for providing business strategy, leadership, and a vision focused on the future.  Aaron is a big picture type of guy with a unique ability to surround himself with the best and brightest minds to focus on the details and to provide world class customer experiences.

Prior to co-founding Niche Builders, Aaron proved his worth through many business ventures, including founding several successful companies, one of which was nationally recognized
as one of the first US health care companies that acquired clients and operated exclusively through the Internet. In the last 15 years, Aaron and his team have created innovative internet strategies directly enrolling over 65,000 families into service based offerings through the internet.
 He also was the driving force in increasing patient loads to 6,000 physician groups in 42 states, while developing affiliate sales forces of over 14,000 marketers.
Aaron is an evangelist for the digital marketing industry. He believes strongly that the internet and specifically the social space gives small and medium businesses a competitive advantage over the giants.

Jim Fulford (COO)

You will often hear Jim referred to as a high-tech redneck since he is both a techie and lives in a log home in the country.   Jim has been a techie since he purchased his first Apple II+ back in 1980.  He is  an early adopter and an Apple fan, yes, he has ALL the latest gadgets (Think iPad, Apple Watch, Retina iMac).  At age 25 he started a career in IT, his primary job was to help people that knew nothing about technology learn how to to use IBM PCs to make their jobs easier.  Fast Forward 30 years, and Jim is still helping people use technology to make their jobs easier and their businesses perform better.

One skill that has proved invaluable both in Jim’s corporate career, and while owning several companies, was not only his ability to understand technology, but also the ability to communicate with non-techies.  For this reason, Jim has always been great at getting people past their fear of new things, and helping them enjoy the process of learning how to use technology to better grow their businesses.

In 1987 Jim started a computer consulting company, Phazer Systems, and over the years he moved from hardware and networks, to custom programming and software development, to niche consulting. Today Jim is the “propeller head” and genius behind the technology that allows our clients to dominate their niches and have clear and transparent actionable reports.

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We pride ourselves on really connecting with our clients, and providing the highest-quality customer service you’d expect from a world class company. We love helping businesses create a sustainable online presence and we thrive on watching you WIN.

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